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about me

Born in the Swiss Alps, I grew up in a little paradise of big mountains.


My passion for the great outdoors and active lifestyle gave me the opportunity to live on many continents including Europe, America and finally Australia that I now call home.


As far as I remember, massage has always been part of my life, as an untrained therapist first, massaging my mountain runner dad for pocket money or trading 5 minute back massages with my sister on the family couch.


After receiving my diploma in America and further education in diverse bodywork and movement modalities, I realised a dream that I had for a long time: leading a lifestyle that supports health and wellbeing for myself and my clients.  


Sessions are built on your individual needs with a focus on flow and relaxation. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life, and have a special interest in working with pregnant women, elderly population and people afflicted with chronic pain.

about satoribodycare

In the Zen Buddhist tradition, Satori refers to an experience that roughly translates to “seeing into one’s true nature.” I believe that these experiences and states of understanding, comprehension and awakening can occur and are encouraged through the art and practice of lengthening and strengthening the myofascial systems of the body:


I like to call it having a “Satori moment!” 


Our body has an innate knowledge of what is needed for optimal health and function that has been accumulated and selected through millions of years of evolution; our body and nervous system is constantly giving us information. Sometimes our lifestyles get in the way of being able to interpret this information and we need some help, but ultimately, most of us need to work on ourselves in one way or another. For me, giving and receiving massage has been an essential tool in my journey of health and happiness; my “Satori moments.” 


I’m fascinated by those moments when something clicks, something shifts and a deeper understanding of ones body and self is attained. Witnessing these moments in clients is a true joy for me and can present in many different ways. A Satori moment can be as simple as figuring out how different body parts are connected such as how a tight muscle in the hip has been causing chronic knee pain or as complex as making significant lifestyle changes. These Satori moments are when true learning and change take place, not because someone told you, but because you figured it out for yourself and embodied the information.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

"Touch is one of the sensory faculties of our skin and remains essential for the survival and development of living beings.”

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