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Combining my Love of Archery and Massage

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As I was drawing my bow back, a teacher once told me to "relax into the tension." Four words that I feel will be a lifelong endeavour. Pulling a bow back requires a lot of muscular tension in the body; the true challenge for me is to use as little contraction as possible to get the desired result. The better I get at this, the easier I find it to find a couple of seconds of pure focus, where the distinction between my body and bow becomes blurred and I can relax into the release... and maybe, just maybe, the arrow goes where I intend. This process has become a type of meditation for me and a profound teacher. The flight of my arrow instantly lets me know if I am holding too much tension, if my mind is too busy, if my body is too tired, if my intensions are not aligned. Put another way, it lets me know how I am feeling.

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