What is "Fascia?"

Anyone who has spent time with Sarah or I would have heard us refer to fascia. Personally, if I am talking about the human body I find it hard not to refer to fascia: this is because it essentially makes us who we are and relates to every system and function of the human body. How is this possible I hear you ask? Well, to cut a very long story short, fascia is a biological fabric (think connective tissue) that surrounds every structure in the body, including muscle tissue, bone, nerves, the brain and your organs - the list goes on but the point is that fascia is pretty much everywhere in our bodies and essentially connects everything to everything in one huge, complex and beautiful continuous network that has the ability to transmit force. This is why we have clients that have had their headaches eradicated by balancing the arches of the foot or upper back pain fixed by strengthening pelvic muscles. There are some extremely smart people that have been touting the fundamental importance of fascia as it related to human health for a very long time, but it is only recently that science is actually catching up. Fascia is currently under-studied by the traditional scientific community but there are visionaries out there expanding our understanding of fascia and leading the fields of human health, movement and potential. One of these people is Thomas Myers: if you want to learn more about fascia I recommend going to his website and listening to what he has to say…..