Learning about Fitness from a Cup of Coffee

The steam rising from my cup of coffee this morning spiralled and danced; a beautiful expression of the natural world. The spiral pattern of movement is all around us; and within us. Every movement we make as humans has a spiralling quality, a relationship to rotation. Try it! Just reach for some

thing, anything, notice how your wrist and shoulder moved, they rotated in some way, human movement is never totally linear. Many think that it is our bones that hold us up, not so, as there are no flat stackable surfaces in the body, as a result, due to the downward force of gravity we are constantly resisting the force to spiral and rotate toward the ground. We are “held up” by the soft tissues of the body. Every time you move, your muscles and fascial systems are working to control and counter this constant rotational force. Every joint in your body has the ability to rotate and has an incredible dynamic system of muscular activation and a continuous tensional network of fascia to control it. Our bodies are designed to rotate, this is how we adapt to an ever changing environment, therefore, if you want to work on true functional fitness, fitness that prevents injuries and is true to your biology, you must train in all planes of movement, you must train to control and generate rotation. From this comes agility, balance, functional strength, poise and fluidity; all qualities of true fitness.